Tips and Tricks

Stay tuned for tips and tricks from the owners of Big Boys Toys & Hobbies, Jeremy & Melissa Truxillo.

Mar 14
Make your R/C body stronger
Here is a little tip on how to stop your R/C bodies from cracking or breaking. You can also use this method to repair a cracked body. If you bash,...
Nov 29
Reprogram a Traxxas ESC
In this video we will teach you how to reprogram your Traxxas electronic speed control (ESC).  Some times if your model starts to do strange things you can reprogram your ESC to...
Nov 29
Soldering EC3 Plugs
In this video I will teach you how to solder EC3 Plugs.  The same techniques can be used for the larger EC5 plugs. 
Nov 29
Soldering Deans
In this video we will teach you how to properly solder Deans Plugs. 
Aug 9
VXL Profiles
In this video we go over how to change between the different modes on a Traxxas speed control.  The same procedure is used for both Traxxas XL5 and VXL ESC's....
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