Calvin C.

29-Jul-2015 Calvin

Team member since: 2015

Area of expertise: RC Trail trucks, Drift Cars, Airplanes, Quads. Working on all of them

Why do you love your job? I love all aspects of RC! Its's fun to be able to work with and on RC's all day 

If you could tell our customers one thing about Big Boy Toys and Hobbies, what would it be? You can't find a better group of people. Everybody is willing to help with anything you may need.

Favorite part of the hobby: Aww man, that's a hard one. Everything about the hobby is really my favorite. I love that I have the ability to control my RC's and make almost anything happen

Hobbies besides RC: I love to duck hunt. I also have 3 saltwater aquariums, a 125 gallon reef tank, a 90 gallon predator tank, and 30 gallon in my daughter's room. It's her reef tank.


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